Here, Waspy Waspy, Waspy


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The Cyberkitty (Planika Parada), photo by Mr. P.

Purrfect Pussy & Sidekick Four


Kuorii Per Sempre

Today’s purrfect pussy is a Black Beauty. This young black lady of Persian persuasion goes by the name of Kuorii Per Sempre and is one of the best kittens of her breed born last year, currently in the lead in world-wide standings of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. She is related to one of Dr. Fil’s cats (brag brag) and her pops is dr. Fil’s friend… a great guy and fashion victim Paolo Carnevaletti from Italy.

Per Sempre’s sidekick is another black beauty, though she is more athletically built than the Persian feline standard calls for. And yes, the red was necessary 😈

Black Beauty

Purrfect Pussy & Sidekick Three


Newton, a blue-eyed white Cornish Rex made himself right at home at dr Fil’s place… and computer.

His sidekick is a white angel lingerie model 😉

another White Angel

Purrfect Pussy & Sidekick Two


Just before you get to enjoy Luka’s Thursday Kitsune and Pengovsky’s Friday Foxy, here’s your chance to catch glimpse of another purrfect pussy. As today is Ash Wednesday (pepelnična sreda), I thought this kitty would make a good choice.

GC Planika Pepelka
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Meet Grand Champion Planika Pepelka of Palmetto a.k.a. Cindy, a Black Smoke Persian born at my house that went on to become a star at beauty pageants called cat shows both in Europe and in the US and became the second best of breed in the world the year she was shown in the Cat Fanciers’ Association. She was a gift to a dear friend, Pat Lichtenberg in south Georgia. Pepelka is Slovenian for “Cinderella” as ‘pepel’ translates to ‘ash’.

Cindy’s sidekick is another cat on fire 😉


And yes, it had to be a red dress.