Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge
Above: Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge (photo by dr. fil)

Nicholas brought a daydream
One that’s just for me
Patience is a virtue
Will sit back and see

Best Breakfast in Town


Who would have thought that the best breakfast in town is served straight off the trees and bushes in Bamb√ęsch?

Swedish-Flavoured Day Trip to Belgium with a Slight Element of Drama or How Jogging Saves Lives


Yesterday was an interesting day at the very least. I had arranged to go shopping to IKEA with my Lithuanian friends Monika and Romas who are moving into their new home around the same time as I am and their furniture store of choice was the usual suspect.

I decided to lower my shopping-related stress level by jogging in the morning. We arrived to Arlon, a trip that normally takes some 15 to 20 minutes, at 9 am and waited for the Belgians to slowly open up by five past. Being among the four people at the info desks manned and womaned by four people we were told to take a number and wait our turn. So we did. Except that the number board or whatever you call that thing was not turned on. After a while we were allowed to approach the desk at which point we were told that vans cannot be booked in advance.

So off we went, shopping our eyes and legs out, had an enjoyable lunch and were about ready to leave. We were all quite happy with our choices. I decided not to buy a bed frame yet as I could not make up my mind on which one to take and the one I thought I’d be bringing back looked its cheap price. I did invest in a high quality mattress, however, as experience taught me that it may well be the single most important item in the house. Most of the rest of furniture and whatnots can wait until after I’ve moved in and can better plan the arrangement, especially in view of hopes to make the place comfortable for many of my friends that I would like to come visit.

Once we made our wa