KUD Kulsko… ups, Dolsko


Člani Kulturnega društva Dolsko so se včeraj spet izkazali in s premierno predstavo Okrogle mize pošteno nasmejali publiko. Iznajdljiva kombinacija gledališke igre, skeča in video vložkov je vžgala. Scenarij ima kar nekaj nastavkov, ki bi mu lahko omogočili nadaljnji razvoj likov in prepletanje njihovih zgodb. Upam, da si bodo scenaristka, režiser in igralci, ki so jo sooblikovali, vzeli čas in z dobro voljo, ki je imajo v Dolskem na pretek, uprizorili razširjeno in poglobljeno različico. Jaz zagotovo pridem!

Aplavz vsem sodelujočim! Uživaška predstava, ki jo toplo priporočam vsem, predvsem tistim, ki bi se radi skladno z željami sedanje vladajoče politične opcije dodobra sprostili.

Pa še nekaj slikic za pokušino:

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

PS: Res mi je žal, da nisva mogla ostati na žuru, da legendarnega štrudla prav tako legendarne babice sploh ne omenjam. Delu čast in oblast, kenede?

EDIT: Več o predstavi: pri Binuli

Computer Star

When it came to cats, I’ve always known they were rather special. Hey, if you are designed to play with the tiny creatures that according to the ultimate trilogy in five parts are superior to men in all respects, you’re bound to rank high in the scope of the Universe and everything. It has always been clear to me that they comprehend much more than they usually let us believe, but now one of them seems to have let her guard down and openly displayed her abilities.

The subject in the photo below, officially known as Planika Zvezdica Zaspanka, also known as Zvezdica to friends, has been caught red-handed. Or black-smoke-pawed at the least. Literally.


Let me explain. I let my new laptop (meet Rodney! – those who’ve seen Only Fools and Horses will understand) open to run new software installation. Upon my return, I found that:
– the My Documents folder was renamed (hey whose documents are they, anyway?!)
– six desktop icons were renamed to Skype (humm…)
– 14 “Windows Help” windows were open

What remains to be seen is what other deeds had been done in my absence with the extensive assistance of the Windows Help files. Thanks to The Godfather’s candid shot, I’ll at least know where to look for the culprit.

Slovene 101
Zvezdica = little star
Zaspanka = sleepyhead (F)

Purrfect Pussy & Sidekick Two


Just before you get to enjoy Luka’s Thursday Kitsune and Pengovsky’s Friday Foxy, here’s your chance to catch glimpse of another purrfect pussy. As today is Ash Wednesday (pepelnična sreda), I thought this kitty would make a good choice.

GC Planika Pepelka
(click here for more pics of Cindy)

Meet Grand Champion Planika Pepelka of Palmetto a.k.a. Cindy, a Black Smoke Persian born at my house that went on to become a star at beauty pageants called cat shows both in Europe and in the US and became the second best of breed in the world the year she was shown in the Cat Fanciers’ Association. She was a gift to a dear friend, Pat Lichtenberg in south Georgia. Pepelka is Slovenian for “Cinderella” as ‘pepel’ translates to ‘ash’.

Cindy’s sidekick is another cat on fire 😉


And yes, it had to be a red dress.

Homeless Run – Dare to Change your Life with Dare


A call for homeless folks to join soccer practice…

EDIT: Adding translation and links to the mobile post


      I’m looking for homeless people interested in playing soccer according to the homeless’ rules.
      Dare! (Please note: Dare is a Slovenian first name 😉 )

      Sign up!
      (Those who have not signed up yet)!!

      Those of you who’ve signed up for soccer, please attend the practice at Poljanska road. See you on Sunday at 2 p.m.

I guess what sums this up is: Dare to change your life with Dare!


Miši v hiši?


When you see a winking sideways smiley in a bookstore’s shopwindow, you know you undoubtedly live in the Information Age.

Post title: Mice in the House?
Note: If you SEE MICE (white mice are the Slovenian version of seeing pink elephants) in this shopwindow, it’s high time you stopped drinking ; )

I Spy Again


Miha Jazbinšek

A couple of weeks ago, while waiting for Mattie and Dilys, I took a photo of Peter Božič at Prešeren square in the centre of Ljubljana. At the time, Pengovsky mentioned the special relationship between Božič and Miha Jazbinšek. As it turns out, the mountain came to me and I didn’t have to set up a spy camp in downtown Ljubljana as popular as that may have been up until recently.

I was about to order my cocktail at klub300, enjoying the company of Adriaan and our lawyer friend when we noticed Jazbi (Slovene 101: jazbec = badger) sipping his beer and very involved in a debate with his company. Seeing as I haven’t invested into a telephoto lens yet (and actually nikki was left home), I walked up to them with Adriaan’s compact and asked for permission to take a picture at not much of a surprise to the camera’s owner, the lawyer however announced she would deny any association with me. But hey, this badger is a ‘stari maček’ (Slovene 101: stari maček = old cat = old hand) and had no problem having his threemillionfivehundredthirtytwothousandtwentysecond picture taken. So here you go. I still have to do the face-off pic. Soon…

Thanks for the lovely evening, you guys and thanks for being cool about the pic, Jazbi. Oh and the sex on the beach was great, as well.



Would You?

Some graffitis embellish buildings, others are no more than vandalism. This one in Ljubljana is a bit of a word play. In Slovenian, “bi?” means “would you?”.

Would you?

Slovene 101 – Lesson # 1


Studying on Šmarna gora)
Studying on Šmarna gora – that’s the way to do it

To my friends who’ve expressed a slightly masochistic yet commendable interest in learning the beautiful if not simple language spoken by the two million lucky individuals living on this tiny piece of Earth that nature has been so generous to. And a few more scattered around the world. You guys have my respect. You already know your basic Ps and Qs, so here’s your homework:

1 ena
2 dve (f, n) / dva (m)
3 tri
4 štiri
5 pet
6 šest
7 sedem
8 osem
9 devet
10 deset

11 enajst
12 dvanajst
13 trinajst
14 štirinajst
15 petnajst
16 šestnajst
17 sedemnajst
18 osemnajst
19 devetnajst

(=> najstnik = teenager M; najstnica = teenager F)

20 dvajset
21 enaindvajset (ena-in-dvajset)
22 dvaindvajset (dva-in-dvajset)
23 triindvajset
30 trideset (tri-deset)
31 enaintrideset (ena-in-trideset)
32 dvaintrideset (dva-in-trideset)
40 štirideset
50 petdeset
60 šestdeset
70 sedemdeset
80 osemdeset
90 devetdeset
100 sto

101 sto ena
102 sto dve (f, n), sto dva (m)
200 dvesto (dve-sto)
300 tristo
400 štiristo
1000 tisoč

1001 tisoč ena
1002 tisoč dve
543,678 petsto triinštirideset tisoč šeststo oseminsedemdeset

OK, the Ps and Qs just to keep them fresh in your memory

Prosim – please
Hvala – thank you

Dober dan – good day
Dobro jutro – good morning
Dober večer – good evening

Na svidenje – farewell (a formal bye-bye, e.g. leaving a shop)
Lahko noč – good night

Se vidiva kmalu = We (two) will see each other soon
Se vidimo kmalu = We (three-or-more) will see each other soon

A bonus one:

Še eno, prosim – (I’ll have) another one (f, n), please (e.g. “beer” or “drink”)

class dismissed