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Part of the monument of Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna (Photo by dr. Fil)

It’s Monday. Full throttle ahead!

Cinnamon Kiss Cake – recipe


I know some of my friends expected me to post on Kosovo right now. But hey as things are cooking over there, I’ve decided to use hot air for something useful.

Here we go, Maida. Better late than never and when we do it, we do it right. As promised, here comes the apple skuta cheese cake recipe. You can make it in a pie model (or a round cake model) but I prefer the rectangular as it maks it easier to cut into smaller pieces.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Mix 300 g flour, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Add 0.15 l of oil (if you happen to be out of butter, hmm..)

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Add 150 g brown sugar…

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

..and an egg.
Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Mix until a sort of bumpy dough is formed. Spread two thirds of the dough on the bottom of an oiled cake model and push down with your fingers. Put the remaining third of the dough away.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Let’s get the apples ready. Peel and cut up 500 g of apples, I like to use Idared. Put them in a pot.

In a bowl, mix 5 tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of water and a tea spoon of cinnamon. Pour over the apples, put the lid on and let simmer for 6 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the skuta cheese filling.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Mix three eggs, 8 tablespoons of sugar and a bag of vanilla sugar with a mixer.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

I added some seeds this time around. A mix of sesame, sunflower etc… Add 500 g of skuta cheese and mix gently.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

After the apples have been ‘cooking’ for 6 minutes, drain the liquid and place them in the cake model. Spread the skuta cheese filling over them.

Cinnamon Kiss Cake in the Making

Sprinkle the third of the dough you’d set away on top of the skuta cheese filling. Put in the preheated oven and bake for about 1 hour at 180°C.
Cinnamon Kiss Cake

When the cake is done, let it sit for at least 10 minutes before cutting it into pieces. Serve with a kiss.

Dober tek!

Israel Trip – part 1 – Istanbul at Night


What a trip! In more ways than one. The Chair of our Masters’ programme organized another unforgettable study journey. This time around it was an excursion to Israel where, in addition to seeing the iron repertoire sites, we were to sit in on lectures by esteemed professors. The group consisted of professors from the Faculty of Social Sciences and postgraduate students in the World Studies programme.

Chapter 1 – Istanbul

Hagia Sofia

Our flight to Tel Aviv had a four-hour layover in Istanbul and I found myself buying a tourist visa along with three sociology professors just minutes after landing in Turkey and sooner than you could say hoşça kalın, we were in a taxicab on our way downtown. (By the way, check out the meaning of Omar Naber’s family name at wikitravel’s phrasebook.

Hagia Sofia Hagia Sofia

What an impressive city! One word? Huge. Granted, there is only so much one can do in a new town in a bit over an hour, but we did take a stroll around Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque and had real Turkish coffee with real Turkish sweets at the famous Taksim square. If you order the “chicken breast pie”, please know that it is not simply a dessert resembling a piece of meat. It is ground cooked chicken meat mixed with milk and loads of sugar, made into a gluey thing sprinkled with cinnamon.

We had to go see the Bosphorus bridge, of course. Quite a feeling to be standing there at the very edge of Europe, looking across to Asia. Moving around the city, we made a friend. Hasan the taxi driver who happens to be happily married to a Bulgarian and so understands some basic Slavic words and phrases. What came in really handy is the fact that his neighbour is Macedonian and was able to translate for us on the cell phone. More about Hasan later. The important thing the first time around was that he got us back to the airport on time.

We arrived to Tel Aviv in the wee hours of Monday and I settled down into my hotel room at 4 am.

More… much more to follow. Action!

Here are a few photos from the walk around Istanbul at night..

Istanbul 1 Istanbul 1

collecting garbage hauntd house?

collecting garbage ~ haunted house?

Istanbul 1 Istanbul 1

mysterious or spooky?

Downtown Istanbul cozy

can't escape shopping malls Istanbul 1

no escaping shopping malls ~ relax with Kermit the Turk

Istanbul 1 Istanbul 1

sweets chicken breast pie

desserts of all types (chicken breast pie to the right)

Sütis Bar at Taksim Square Sütis Bar at Taksim Square

Sütis Bar at Taksim Square Bosphorus Bridge

Sütis Coffee Shop at Taksim Square (highly recommended) and the final stop before our return to the airport: the Bosphorus Bridge connecting two continents.

Istanbul in the Dark


Istanbul at Night
Hagia Sophia on a January Night; photo by dr. Fil

Istanbul is such a beautiful city, but sometimes the lights are dimmed by more than nighttime. The elightenment brought to the country by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has not gone far enough to reach today’s understanding of free speech and academic debate, as Professor Atilla Yayla found, having just been handed down a 15-month suspended jail term on account of insulting the state’s founder. (Source: BBC)

A Walk on Mount Uskovnica (Bohinj)








Luka Luncheonette, Ljubljana


Luka Cafe in Ljubljana

This one’s for Luka 😉

Ljubljana SunSet


Ljubljana Sunset

Ljubljana Sunset

Ljubljana Sunset

Good morning, starshine 😉

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle

Good morning, sunshine 😉

GuessCard #2


To help with the GuessCard 😉 this is how I got here…

Blue Sky

Pretty or What

Blue Sky

AdHoc BlogParty at Pr’Skelet


A couple of weeks ago, a friend came all the way from far far away Krško and as he happens to be a blogger (Buba, I have a bad cold myself right now 🙁 ), one keystroke led to another and the “drink” developed into a very enjoyable evening in the company of bright, imaginative, literate, fun-loving young bloggers. Among them, all three newly elected SiOL’s house bloggers. I bow to you, oh majesties. Whoops, the popular vote thing, right… I bow to you, oh blogger celebrities: Fetalij, Irena and Chef; as well as Pi.Roman, Kandela, Mojca, Deus.X.Mashina, Nina, Barbara and last but not least, the infamous Sex.

Beautiful Ljubljana at Night
How could I not love this town? Ljubljana rules! On the way to the bar…

First Ones In
No shortage of drinks… even if the waiter was far more incompetent than good old Manuel. Basil should fix things by the next time.

Skeleton Decor
How’s it hanging?

Skeleton Decor
Wild Ride

Skeleton Decor
High Five

Two for One
In addition to the cool and very different if slightly spooky environment, a good reason to pay a visit to Pr’Skelet is the 2-4-1 policy 😉

Afterwards, we moved to the Cutty Sark just off the Three Bridges to say hi to another Ljubljana resident blogger, Pengovsky who DJd at the place that night.

Fight? Not.
Take your eyes off that striped sweater right now!!!

Gotta love those smiling faces!

More bloggers, including a *very* famous one 😉

Photo by Pi.Roman

We finished the night with a slight doubt being raised in our minds regarding Fetalij’s sexual preferences, but the doubt has since been successfully dispersed. BTW, way to go, Fetalij! Grandma’s proud of you… 😈

Here’s to many more gatherings such as this one. Thanks for the good time, y’all!

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