Pomf & Rustika


Chilli @ Pomf

Miša’s doing a bit better and is taking a healing vacation at the seaside. In her absence, Sabina and I had our traditional Friday lunch at Pomf on Trubarjeva cesta, followed by the equally traditional yummm icecream at Rustika. A classic.

Rustika Ice Cream
Ice Cream @ Rustika

Gotta love this town 🙂

Bled: Night-Time Race 14/7

Photo nicked at http://www.lovechotel.com/

The “Vitezi dobrega teka”, which translates to either the Knights of Good Running or to the Knights of Bon Appetit (take your pick) are organizing a 10 kilometre race around Lake Bled on 14 July.

Beautiful setting, good company, the best dessert, this is the Race that’s become a traditional one before even the first one’s over, so what are you waiting for.

More info and entry form here.

Huuu Huuu Huuu – pazi, čukec!


Čukčev zabavnik

Hu hu hu, Čukčev zabavnik je tu!

Jipi, Ninina najnovejša kreacija je dokončana in objavljena! Čedni zabavnik je poln zanimivih zadevic. Čukec s prijatelji lisico Mileno, medvedom Hubertom in zajcem Zvonetom v napetem stripu odkriva Bohinjsko skrivnost (bu! tole me spomni na Bohinjske kvarte), išče zlikovce na paradi in se ubada z vzroki skrivnostnih f-jev, tako da so naravnost super /superjunaki/.

Ko rešiš uganko, preveri še posebno rubriko “naši zlikovci“, kjer sta predstavljena zlikovka poletja in zlikovec, o katerem se v zadnjem času največ govori. Ne spreglej da-jev in ne-jev poštene zlikavosti in hitrih modnih nasvetov za zlikovce.

Revijo imajo v trgovinah in kioskih, če bo šlo vse po sreči, pa bo dobila tudi zimsko sestrico. Podprimo mlade slovenske ustvarjalce… Čukca v vsak dom 🙂

Screech & Co. – Čukčev Zabavnik

Čukčev zabavnik

Unfortunately my non-Slovene-speaking friends can not yet fully appeciate my dear friend’s creation, but I’d still like to share at least the visual part of it. Among other projects, Nina writes and illustrates “Čukčev zabavnik” (Screech’s magazine), a fun publication that includes Screech comics, riddles and more. Humm, I think actually you should get a copy especially if you have not yet learned the language. You have to start someplace! 🙂

A new issue has just been published and includes intriguing stories such as the “Bohinj Mystery” (interesting, considering my Bohinj trip, right?)

The magazine is available at newsstands and in stores.

Miša needs help


Last Friday, Sabina and I again enjoyed a tasty meal at Čompa restaurant on Trubarjeva cesta in Ljubljana centre. Just like before, we phoned in and decided on our meal and at the set time we strolled over to the cozy place where the owner makes you feel at home. We had tuna on a bed of arugula – covering up a delicious chompa of course. Yumm! Chompas are traditional baked potatoes from beautiful Bovec region. After the meal, we were treated to a “teranov liker”, a sweet variation of teran wine.

Tuna and Argula

Miša has not been well. She is seriously ill and has just completed a set of treatments. We talked for a length of time today. She is the type of person who is always there for others, but now she is the one in need of support and all the power of positive thought we can muster up. It takes so little to make a big change. Miša is in a dark place and needs to know there are people out there who care. It will give her the strength she needs. If you are willing to write a few inspiring words for Miša, I will print them out and make sure they reach them. I’m selfish. I want her back on her feet soon so I can enjoy more of her great cooking! Help

Guitar Concert


Guitar Concerto

A lovely guitar concerto of Spanish and Latin American tunes at Kavarna Pločnik. Alen in Denis Mujkić created an enjoyable atmosphere.

This entry is here to test whether I can include a sound file.

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