YugaTrip (extended): George W. Bush and Skanderbeg in Krujë


Bush Bar

A coffee shop spotted in Krujë (Albania), the hometown of Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg.

Speaking of the man:

Skanderbeg in Krujë

Saw a replica of the above statue in Priština (Kosovo) while the one in Tirana was slightly different.

YugaTrip: House of Flowers


Hello my friends… we’re back and still very much alive and kicking after the road trip through ex Yugoslav republics. Back to a different kind of reality though the one we experienced during the trip was no less real. A detailed report will hopefully follow at some time, but seeing as in the Quiet dr. Fil post the correct answer was ‘all of the above’, it may take a little while. I’m moving to another country next week, but definitely plan on keeping in touch here.

The first stop of the YugaTrip was Belgrade and the House of Flowers was one of the sights to visit, of course. Here are a couple of photos from there:

Hiša cvetja

Hiša cvetja

Hiša cvetja


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