YugaTrip: Luck is For Sale


Buy your own luck in Belgrade. Sunday Special! 

YugaTrip: A French Slovenian in Belgrade…


…says: I Don’t Plum You

YugaTrip: Sarajevo Souvenirs


Just a few souvenirs at BašČaršija

YugaTrip: Mostar


Build it and they will come.

Even better, even older, eh?

YugaTrip: Gračanica, Kosovo


Gračanica Monastery (click for Wikipedia info)…


…and the road that leads there:

Tank Speed on the Road in Kosovo

Make My Wish Come True

Photo taken at a museum in Cetinje, Montenegro

I know exactly what I’d ask for if a genie appeared from the lamp. And a little birdie told me my wish might come true in a couple of days 😀

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