POT: Phone Fails, Legs Do Not


Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the live reporting from the hike around Ljubljana as my mobile phone decided against it and I could not persuade it to collaborate (err) even though I tried quite hard. Over 400 of us in total did, however, complete the entire 35 km hike and have medals to prove it ­čśë The weather was phenomenal and the atmosphere inspiring. This was the first time I did the entire stretch, but I get the feeling it will not be the last.

See you next year!

POT: Flagged


Walk around Ljubljana… Stretch your legs, breathe in fresh air, pay respect to the liberators of Ljubljana and meet old friends.

POT: Run Through the Forest!

The traditional trojkas race w teams three runners strong. Originally each carried a rifle and I think they were all dressed in uniforms, but can’t google it right now ­čśÇ

POT: Grease Your Joints

This good samaritan makes sure all comrads can keep walking by procuring… err… energy straight from an old motor oil canister.

POT: No Cheating


POT: Smrt fasizmu

Svoboda narodu!

POT: Spotted

The Hike around Ljubljana is on. Spotted: the Peng.

Drug Czar


Actually ‘El Zar Antidrogas Dominicano’, lawyer and President of the FNP (Progressive National Force) Marino Vinicio Castillo, campaigning for his partner, the current Dominican President running for reelection, Leonel Fern├índez. Santo Domingo. Elections will be held on 16 May 2008 and the whole country is involved in heated debates (which most tourists are blissfully unaware of, shut behind the guarded gates of beautiful hotel resorts).

People are happy to share their political views, however. To me, a sign of a true democracy. The prevalent thought is, as put by one of the many Dominicans I talked to, that the current President is the least bad of the options. How familiar a sentiment ­čśë Leonel Fern├índez is well on his way to victory and has more than 50% support according to current polls. Three parties (the violet, the white and the red) have their own candidates while the blue party led by Castillo above, partnered up with the violet and supports Fern├índez.

Operation Clean Shoes


If no shoes at foot will pose for tip. Meet Jose Miguel from Santo Domingo.

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