Here we go again. Light starts gaining on darkness and another circle begins.

keep your priorities straight


Wear a Red Ribbon (and a condom of any colour)


About the World AIDS Day

“World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1st. The World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in 1988. World AIDS Day provides governments, national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic.”

Source and further information: US Department of Health & Human Services

Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

What’s a Year and a Half?


Photo: Exhibition on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Skopje earthquake
Sometimes, every second counts 
(in Skopje, Macedonia; photo by dr. filomena)

Since I missed this blog’s first anniversary, I had set up a notification in my mail-handling software (not paid to advertise a multinational, am I <g>) to note a year and a half from the first post. Which is today.

But then, watching the McCain and Obama speeches at 5.30 this morning, it struck me that this is less than the length of the Presidential campaign of the next US Commander-in-Chief. Time is an interesting matter issue to debate, but let us get into that on another day.

I will just say that I find time to be rather well spent in the company of friends and good food. With that in mind, here is my first post on this blog: slastno (a ricotta pasta and swordfish “alla pizzaiola” recipe) and I’m off to try and make some buckwheat bread for the first time.

Got time?



photo by dr. Filomena; click to enlarge

I still feel exactly the same as I did last year, so I will only post a link to the previous post on this subject:

“Remembrance to me has little to do with actually going to graves, preferably dressing up according to the latest fashion trends and decorating the grave once a year. It is about keeping my loved ones in my thoughts year-round and remembering the times we spent together and what I’ve learned from them. Undoubtedly, one of the lessons that stuck is to enjoy the company of those who are very much alive. Here and now.”

Read the entire post:

Don’t I Know It, Sister


This milkman’s truck was the first thing I saw thins morning coming out on the street from the apartment in Brussels. Apparently, this particular milk delivery service favours French language. That *is* an issue in Belgium, you know.

Photo by dr. fil the cat; click to enlarge

Worlds Apart…


…and yet so close

(click to enlarge)

all photos by dr. filomena

Blog Action Day: Poverty Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes


just one of the jewellery shops in the old part of Skopje (photo: dr. filomena)

Just like in 2007 when the topic was the Environment (see post here), this blog will today play a tiny role, no more than a cameo appearance in a world-wide blogging event, the Blog Action Day. This time around, the topic is Poverty. 

In view of the current economic situation around the world, I am sure that fellow bloggers and bloggerettes will have much to write about and inspiration can be found on every step of the way to work. If one is lucky enough to have a paying job, of course.

With that in mind, I leave it to them to shed light on the various hot topics, among them perhaps the pressing issues driving an increasing number of previously middle-class people across the poverty threshold in the West, and to argue which US Presidential candidate would do a better job at pushing his country’s economy back in gear.

In Slovenia, the newly elected National Assembly convened its first session today. May the MPs new and not-so-new not forget too soon the platform they ran on, those who put them where they are this morning and who they ultimately answer to. Many of their constituents are living on the verge of poverty.

What I would like to mention here is that there are various types of poverty and one of them has to be the poverty of the mind. Poverty of the mind, the heart and culture that allows people to communicate and act without giving much thought to the impact their words and actions will have on those at the receiving end. 

Away with poverty! Of all sorts… 

Wish you all a wonderful day.

Hi-5, K-9 Hi-5


No, not the Nick Hornby book, though I’m becoming a bit of a fan thanks to A. This is a pic taken on the streets of Belgrade where a dog rescue group set up cages filled with creatures of feline and canine persuasion looking for a new family to share their lives with.

This particular guy was so cool he did the high-five in his sleep!


I couldn’t take one of these guys with me, but at least we bought the club’s T-shirts. Every little bit helps.

The Meaning of Life


After a lengthy discussion on the subject of the meaning of life I was left as clueless as when we’d started it, naturally. I may not have had an epiphany as such and I get the feeling that the point of it all shall elude me for as long as I hang on to my earthly shell, but after a good night’s sleep, at least I know one thing…

…I’ll have “piu” of that any time.

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