Black Lake


Črno jezero

This is a shot of Črno jezero (Black Lake), which is one of the “7 Lakes of Mt Triglav”, the highest mountain in Slovenia and our national symbol, e.g. featured on the Slovenian flag.

Each of the lakes bears its own name that reflects its characteristics. When waters are high, Dvojno jezero (the Double Lake) becomes a single one and ss the spruce and pine tree forests around it cast dark shadows over the clear waters, it is called Črno jezero (the Black Lake). The waters are abundant with small fish and newts. And are the perfect remedy for tired feet.

The “7 Lakes” are positioned at altitudes ranging from 1319 and 2002 metres.

Črno jezero
Črno jezero

By the way, I’ve been up to the lake twice this summer and both times, upon glancing the Black Lake for the first time, my mountainwalking partners exclaimed not “how pretty” or anything to that effect, but rather: “Hey, it’s not BLACK!” 🙂

Here’s a shot of Ian on our way to the Lake

This song seemed like a good choice here…

Sea of Love



Today’s bonus post is courtesy of two guests.

Photos by: Froglet
Choice of Music by: Adriaan


Safe Harbour
Safe Harbour

Introducing Xavi… and Sabina

Xavi’s first shot

Some of you will know exactly what I mean when I say I love Nikki (one of) my object(s) of desire. Recently, she got a baby brother. It’s ever so nice to see the family grow. I’m happy to say that Nikki and Xavi go together well and there has been no jealousy as of yet.

Xavi’s arrival was a big surprise and although he was truly a desired baby and on my mind for over a year now (ok, so Nikki’s got him beat there by say 15 years), he was a gift from… 🙂 I never figured wishlists worked. I set up one on this blog and entered the sleek compact Canon Ixus 800 IS.


And Lo and Behold, there came the camera all the way from England, carried by a special friend. Adriaan, thank you so very much! It was your birthday, you know! 🙂

Having come from the UK, Xavi took a while getting adjusted to the way our cameras drink their juice, but as soon as he was fed properly (thanks to the man who also named him), he started doing his thing. Above is his very first photo… my dear colleague and friend without whose help at the office I couldn’t do half the things I do, and I couldn’t do them half as well.

With gratitude to Adriaan, I am now thinking I should never have stopped writing up wishlists for Santa. And I wonder if someday Xavi will have to deal with being the middle child 😉 We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, eh?

Skeleton Bar Revisited (Pr’Skelet)


Pr'skelet bar
(photo source)

I’m becoming a fan. 170 cocktails on the menu and so little time. Apart from the drinks and the ingenious decor that I still have to take pictures of someday, there’s always someting going on… as I’m sure this cool waitress (hairdo by Mič) will confirm:

Cool Waitress

For an unknown reason, Ljubljana has either ran out of mint sprigs or bartenders willing to bother with fixing mojitos. Still plenty to choose from, though. A B52, for example:

B 52 on Fire

I’m sure Jasna enjoyed her evening with the girls who’d just given her the birthday present. What good is a nice drink without equally good company 😉 This photo may serve to illustrate Michael’s pt. 2 on the 5 Best/Worst Things About Living in Slovenia.
EDIT: As was correctly noted in the comments, I was thinking of point 4.

Jasna and her Toy

These two guys from Solnograd in Austria love Ljubljana. Who could blame them.

Cause I Got High

At “Pr’Skelet”, they do also offer blow jobs. This is one of the ways you can consume them:

Enjoying a Blow Job


Tangled Webs


Work in Progress

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive.
(Sir Walter Scott)

I Spy Again


Miha Jazbinšek

A couple of weeks ago, while waiting for Mattie and Dilys, I took a photo of Peter Božič at Prešeren square in the centre of Ljubljana. At the time, Pengovsky mentioned the special relationship between Božič and Miha Jazbinšek. As it turns out, the mountain came to me and I didn’t have to set up a spy camp in downtown Ljubljana as popular as that may have been up until recently.

I was about to order my cocktail at klub300, enjoying the company of Adriaan and our lawyer friend when we noticed Jazbi (Slovene 101: jazbec = badger) sipping his beer and very involved in a debate with his company. Seeing as I haven’t invested into a telephoto lens yet (and actually nikki was left home), I walked up to them with Adriaan’s compact and asked for permission to take a picture at not much of a surprise to the camera’s owner, the lawyer however announced she would deny any association with me. But hey, this badger is a ‘stari maček’ (Slovene 101: stari maček = old cat = old hand) and had no problem having his threemillionfivehundredthirtytwothousandtwentysecond picture taken. So here you go. I still have to do the face-off pic. Soon…

Thanks for the lovely evening, you guys and thanks for being cool about the pic, Jazbi. Oh and the sex on the beach was great, as well.



The cutest face ever
Like most kids I always loved four-legged furry animals, especially dogs (with apologies to my purring flatmates). My wish came true in an unexpected way as it seemed it wasn’t me who got the dog but the other way around.

I found Chica on one of my rides into the woods on horseback. She’d been dumped along with her sister as a two-month old puppy. The little daredevil picked up the sister, jumped into my arms and took me safely back home, never looking back. She immediately fell in love with my cats and later on played auntie to the Persian kittens.

Sitting Pretty

Since Chica learned really fast, we took up agility and went on to win the national Royal Canin Cup and place second in the Slovenian Championships in our first season. We then graduated to higher categories and kept doing well, alas we could not go to the World Championship because she did not have a pedigree (way uncool, FCI!)

I lost Chica much too soon due to a genetic problem. She came in second in a very competitive trial just a few weeks before, when she must have been in terrible pain already. She acted strange which I thought was due to the heat, but when she started the course, she was flying as usual and gave it all she had. Literally. What a special creature.

Here are some ‘sounds of Chica’:
Chica barks
Chica at tug-o-war
bored Chica

This was her song.

In agility, the dog and the handler work hand in paw. The dog clears jumps, braves tunnels, crosses dog-walks, jumps on tables and stays, sits or lays down for five seconds, etc. To be successful, which means accurate and fast, the dog must have the necessary drive and trust the handler. There is no force involved – just two partners having fun. I warmly recommend this sport to everyone with canine pals. The people involved with agility are a great bunch and you’ll get some exercise and fresh air while enjoying good company.

Ljubljana Beloved


Ljubljana, the name of Slovenia’s capital, comes very close to the Slovene word for ‘beloved’, i.e. ljubljena.

Ljubljana Beloved

Especially in summertime, noting beats having a nice dinner by the river in the ‘old downtown’ and taking a walk with a friend or that special someone. Add one of the summer festival events for good measure and you’re good to go.

You’ve got to love this town.

Trinity, Skeleton and Hair Loss


Thanks to Morska’s invitation, I saw the opening of Trnfest, the 16th traditional annual festival that sparks up Ljubljana beat every summer. The first art exhibition to be featured was by artist that goes by more names than Prince.

Matilda M. Dobro

Her current favourite designation is Matilda M. Dobro (dobro = good) and the show is entitled Troedina, which roughly translates to Female Trinity, or the “Comeback of the Drawing”. The works are packed with symbolism and even if a few of them seem to be haunted by horror vacui, they manage to convey the message quite clearly if one takes enough time to appreciate them individually. The two-dimensional quality of illustration allows the focus to be placed on the subject matter. Quite impressive.

The fact that Matilda a.k.a. e.g. the Queen of Snakes, has known Morska for a while, has not escaped me or my camera. I wonder whose always perfect nails she had in mind when working on several of these:


It was great to meet a fellow blogger and such an interesting person, along with her friends. Here is our pic, which ended up also being the last one in which my hair is longer than hers 🙂

Morska & Dr. Fil

The company was great and we ended up spending chatting away the rest of the evening at the Skeleton bar in old downtown, renowned for its extensive cocktail menu and impressive decorations that are mainly… well, skeletons. We covered a variety of powerful subjects and I can’t wait for another chance to do this again.

The morning after

One of the major issues in my life has been resolved. As discussed here, my hair really needed some serious work. Thanks to my wonderful boss (yes, such creatures do in fact exist), I now have a hairdresser I actually like and might go back to sooner than in three years 🙂 Mare Filipič of “Dresura Frizure” is one of the best professionals in Slovenia and assistant to one of the current top artists in the world. What a treat to have your hair done by the same hands that handle supermodels and rock stars. Just as importantly, Mare is a fascinating guy who’s been places, which makes for good conversation and the new hairdo seemed to take no time at all. I told him he could do anything he wanted with my hair. I expected blonde, inch-long hair, but here’s the result.

Mare's Hairdo

Ok so not quite the supermodel, but happy with my new cut.

I’m a Survivor


This photo is dedicated to Morska
~hugs from dr. filomena~

This large Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio machaon) has several bits of its beautiful wings missing. The decor has already served its purpose by deceiving predators into attacking the wrong part of the insect.

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